Top 10 Mistakes Intelligent Men Make With Women

About the speaker :

Dating and life coach, writer and speaker, James is a self-described travel addict and spent 7 years of his life as a full-time traveler. Often traveling alone, he was constantly arriving in new countries–where he didn’t know a soul– which forced him to face his lifelong shyness and social anxieties. The result? James honed the skills necessary to quickly meet and connect with new people wherever he went.

Before his travels, James was a highly educated Financial Analyst who became a Financial Adviser. He was forced to revolutionise his interpersonal skills. He quickly had to learn public speaking, how to read body language, effective listening and how to smoothly close a sale. He developed the ability to read people and understand what they want. Little did he know all these “career” skills eventually became extremely effective when it came to improving his ability to meet and seduce women.

About the presentation :

The top ten mistakes presented in this lecture are,

  1. You’re Afraid of Making Mistakes
  2. You Don’t Let Girls Know Want to Have Sex With Them
  3. You Don’t Lead the Conversation, Date & Seduction
  4. You’ve Don’t Have The Specific Skill-set to be Successful with Women
  5. You Lack Energy When You’re Meeting, Dating & Seducing Women
  6. You’re Scared of Beautiful Women
  7. You Don’t Plan Dates, so They Are Fun, Romantic & Lead to Bed
  8. You Lack Social Intelligence (Ability to Read Social & Romantic Situations)
  9. You Don’t Listen Well Enough
  10. You’re Not Completely Honest or You Try to Falsely Impress Women

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