Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

About the speaker :

Three time speaker of The 21 Convention and one of the original stars of The 21 Convention Documentary series, Tim the Right Hand Man, is in his own words, a “father, son, brother, former husband, and sometimes a lover”.

Architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Johnson, has added in his own words that …

“Tim has been a personal mentor, leader, and one of the wisest men to ever take the stage at The 21 Convention. His age, ideas, experience, and resulting wisdom consistently bring a new twist to what he has to share with the younger generation — our generation. His thoughts should be heard and heeded by every young man venturing out into the world today, who seeks to succeed where others fail, takes seriously the improvement of his own quality of life, and his development into the man he was meant — and decides — to be.”

In this lecture Tim identifies the top ten mistakes to avoid in your 20s.

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