The 21 Convention 2017

A Decade in Review

This is one hell of a blog post to write.

I get to not only summarize a ten year anniversary live event, I also have the unique privilege of looking back on over a decade of The 21 Convention and 21 Studios; an event and new media company I founded at the ripe old age of 17… not deliberately as a business, but as an elaborate hobby project.

Buckle your seatbelts gentlemen. It’s been a long ride and we’re not even at the peak of the roller coaster yet.

The Ten Year Anniversary Event

The 21 Convention 2017 Ten Year Anniversary Special Event (word salad, pictured above) was held from September 28th – October 1st 2017 in Orlando Florida, at the home venue of the second ever #21Con live event, dating back to 2008. With 120+ people in attendance over the four-day convention, it was the most attended and highest revenue event in the history of 21 Studios. Attendees flew in from around the world including Canada, Europe, Australia, and a wide range of American states.

To say that this event – our 14th – was a complete success would be an understatement. To date, it is the crown jewel of 21 Studios, and definitively surpassed the high marks set by the previous thirteen 21 Convention events. The energy, excitement, speakers, attendees, team, history, ideas, and debates… every cylinder was firing in full sync and at full throttle.

Even now, 3 months later, I’m still reeling from the experience. It was that intense.

I wouldn’t say it was perfect though. That’s a delusional standard to comprehensively hold anything to. But in certain moments… it was perfect, and overall, the event was nothing short of incredible and unparalleled.

Some highlights include…

  • The first ever 21C event dedicated to the life and memory of an alumni speaker, Andrew the Private Man.
  • The first ever 21C joint keynote presentation by Socrates and myself, on the physical and deep future of 21 Studios.
  • Author and blogger Rollo Tomassi making his first ever, recorded public appearance.
  • Retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro making his first appearance at The 21 Convention (first retired law enforcement officer at 21C).
  • Alan Roger Currie marking the first presentation by a black speaker at The 21 Convention.
  • Hunter Drew giving his first ever public speech, that simultaneously received a full room, roaring standing ovation.
  • This event was the first ever significant meeting between the seduction community and The Red Pill community.

While not a complete list, this last highlight hits on the biggest milestone of all: The 21 Convention 2017 doubled as the world’s first “red pill” themed convention.

The Red Pill

The Red Pill community – not to be confused with the more widely distributed “get red pilled bro with my pet favorite radical idea” – is the most controversial branch of the manosphere, and a sort of spin-off from the original seduction/PUA community. Rather than focusing strictly on pickup, dating, or seduction, it focuses on the truth about women, men, how we interact, and why – including when those truths are extremely uncomfortable, triggering, harsh, or otherwise politically incorrect in some way.

The pursuit of truth by this movement is relentless and unapologetic. The result is something far deeper and more comprehensive than the pickup community ever was or is, which is in part why it drives so many people, so intensely, up the fucking wall.

Like literally everything else in the world, it’s not perfect.

With this in mind, the criticisms The Red Pill receives are mostly absurd, hopelessly ignorant, ridiculous nonsense, and I’m deeply happy on a personal level that the platform I created in my late childhood could serve as a first-ever major event for them.

To that end, they deserve better critics and criticisms than the regurgitated nonsense flung their way by internet baboons, and I hope the videos from The 21 Convention 2017 help attract some useful, rational debate in that direction.

Fittingly, this movement was introduced to me by the handsome devil in red, pictured above during a behind the scenes interview this year, discussing this very topic.

In summary on this point, integrating The Red Pill into The 21 Convention has been one of the most radical changes and advancements in the history of 21 Studios – on par with formally introducing topics unrelated to dating, women, and pick up in 2009 and 2010. It has come at great cost and controversy… expenses worth their weight in gold, because these men are truly on to something and they deserve to not only be heard but amplified.

As a closing remark on The Red Pill infusion, I want to recognize seduction community legends Ross Jeffries, Eric Von Sydow, Alan Roger Currie, Zan Perrion, and Johnny Soporno for taking part in this particular event. While I have my own strong opinions about almost everything, I work hard to maintain The 21 Convention as a real-life Switzerland of the manosphere for men with the balls to take part.

Many modern dating coaches view The Red Pill as a threat to their business model and treat it with genuine hostility. While each of these speakers has a unique degree of friendliness, familiarity, and/or criticism of “the red pill”, through their actions these men demonstrated an unflinching willingness to take part in an open arena of ideas and debate. I believe this reflects on their character, integrity, age, experience, wisdom, and real leadership in their industry. For this alone and where others have fallen, they have my respect.


Before continuing, you can check out over 300 professional photos from The 21 Convention 2017 here on Facebook and here on Flickr. You can also find more photos on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram using the hashtag #21con

As for speeches and videos, Rollo Tomassi’s first speech of two just published right here on 21 University. Need an account? New members can get a free 30 day trial here. Eventually, the speech will be published free with ads on YouTube, along with hundreds of other talks from prior events.

The same is true for all other speeches, interviews, and podcasts filmed at the ten year anniversary of The 21 Convention. First to 21 University, then free previews on YouTube, then the full length edition. The short form interview series “The 21 Report” is an exception that publishes in full on both platforms at about the same time. Watch them with ads on YouTube or ad-free on 21 University.

A long time ago I once said “free to the world” about the videos we produce. I meant it and we continue to walk that path ten years later. To financially support that goal, attend The 21 Convention, join 21 University, or support us on Patreon. Telling your friends and sharing your favorite videos on social media is also a big help. Millions of men need access to this information, help us get it to them.

We still have many speeches from The 21 Convention 2016 and Under 21 Convention 2016 to publish as well! They will continue to publish alongside the brand new 2017 content in the same manner.


The 21 Convention has now been held a total of eleven times, and the Under 21 Convention three times, for a grand total of 14 completed live events, held on three continents, in four countries, two of the United States, and across seven cities.

Over 100 speakers have now taken The 21 Convention and Under 21 Convention stage combined, producing over 200 distinct, full length presentations.

On YouTube alone, 21 Studios video content has been viewed over 20,000,000 times with over 130,000 subscribers currently following our main channel.

Each event is viewed over 1 million times on average, with some producing speeches that surpass 1 million views with just a single video, including both Nick Sparks (1.8 million) and James Maclane (1.3 million), from the Austin Texas 21 Convention and Melbourne Australia 21 Convention respectively.

Our total reach across all platforms is closer to 25 million views/visits/impressions.

Not a bad start.

A Real Melting Pot

The 21 Convention is the only conference on earth to connect the seduction community, to High Intensity Training, to the paleo diet, to Objectivism, to The Red Pill. There have been various other inclusions and tangents along the way, but these are each functioning movements and communities unto themselves that otherwise go completely unconnected.

The 21 Convention is the only intellectual platform on earth that has been able to connect them at this scale while standing the test of time, open debate, and criticism for north of a decade.

“Diversity” as you see it praised today is almost universally toxic, horrible bullshit with little if any merit at all, that is in fact often used to conceal and distort the real value and strength in unity. But the diversity you see here, a real diversity of ideas, opinions, speakers, movements, and debates… this is real diversity in ways that fundamentally matter and actually provide benefit.

This is a melting pot with a reality-focused purpose and drive.


2010 was the first year we ever held The 21 Convention outside of America.

2012 was the first time we ever held The 21 Convention three times in the same year, in three different countries (a first for Australia), on three different continents.

That year was so intense I had to personally take 2013 off from doing any events at all.

The political and cultural landscape has shifted since 2012 in significant ways. There is increasing hostility to controversial ideas of any kind, and even free speech at the most basic level is under attack in major western nations. Whatever the future holds, I’m glad we were able to hit this milestone while it was politically, legally, and functionally possible to do so.

The Time to Fight and Win is Now

I believe I will go down as the first man in history to openly, publicly identify feminism as “the ultimate hate and supremacist movement” of our time and generation.

This is a statement I made during my keynote presentation with Socrates, knowing full well what the personal and professional dangers and ramifications for doing so were. And yet, it needed to be said, so I said it.

The cancer of feminism has operated largely unchecked and unchallenged in the west for the past 100 years. I believe everything this movement has done, was done in the absolute worst way possible, at every step and turn along the way. The consequences have been devastating and will continue to get worse. The idea that this movement was once innocent, angelic, and all about “equality”… and suddenly snowballed into a toxic shit storm of screaming purple hair, is misinformed at best, if not pure denial and delusion.

To my knowledge, there has never in modern history been an organization dedicated to the complete, permanent dismantling and destruction of feminism as an intellectual, social, cultural, and political force in the west.

From this time forward, 21 Studios IS that organization.

Not every speaker in our history, present, or future will agree with this mission. And they cannot be considered as endorsing it unless and until they do so explicitly in their own voice.

At the same time, this is half the mission at a fundamental level, perfectly complimenting building a universe for the ideal man. In fact it was precisely this relentless focus on positive self-building blocks for men that caused me to challenge my own vision, in origin and future.

  • Why is The 21 Convention necessary in the first place?
  • Why do millions of men absolutely need this content?
  • Why is the wider environment I built my company in so brazenly hostile to men and conventional masculinity? As if we are all demonic pieces of incompetent shit incapable of tying our own shoes…

Men have built all of civilization, after starting with nothing more than sticks and stones. And yet we are told today to view ourselves as villains that should voluntarily wait in line, to be castrated and cured of our “toxic” masculinity (the defiant, unapologetic kind that drives our entire species forward).

Feminism is insane, and in my judgment, is the #1 threat to the future of the west. It has always been about acquiring privileges without responsibilities, at the expense of men. As some of our speakers say… if you want to understand women, ignore what they say and watch what they do. Never about equality, feminism has always functioned as a grand scale power reversal with matriarchy as the goal.

This is a fundamentally irrational future that ends in grass huts, so we’re going to build a better one.

A masculine renaissance and enlightenment.

In Closing

The future is masculine. We will build it and make it so, and 21 Studios is my contribution to that positive, rational future.

Over the past 10 years of hosting events around the world, and 11 years of running this company,  I’ve done things that many told me were impossible. I’m very glad I told them to fuck off, or just grinned and kept going anyway, into the unknown, risking everything. I can tell you without hesitation that every second has been “worth it”, both the good, the bad, and the mixed.

I hope my own journey as a young man, founder, and entrepreneur, has helped improve your life in a deep and lasting way. While few seem to remember this, that was never my intention, but sure as shit, it’s an awesome benefit and consequence of focusing so intensely on what matters to me in this world.

I founded this company from a desire for truth, self-education, and the improvement of my own self, life, and happiness. I have continually accomplished that with this company, and I thank you for being a part of it, and supporting it in the process of your own self-improvement.

The world can be changed, starting with your own.

And with that, I am officially announcing my retirement.



Just kidding 😀

Let’s keep this train rolling you beautiful bastards. Cya at the 21 year review, and at The 21 Convention 2018 next year.

Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO & Founder, all things 21



Thank you to all the men and women that have helped in action, words, and guidance along the way. Both the living and the dead. Your support, in whatever form it took, including encouragement, mentorship, challenges, and criticism, has been tremendous, and I hope I have returned the gesture in kind.



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