Definitive December Content Update

Final Update of 2015

Welcome to the Definitive December Content Update! Our final content update of 2015, our first year online!

This content update includes new motion pictures from The 21 Convention, 21 Radio, and 21 Live. Also included are four new feature updates to 21 University, and a coming soon section.

The new films feature the following speakers of The 21 Convention:

  • James Maclane
  • James Marshall
  • Marcus Oakey
  • Steve Mayeda
  • Dj Fuji

New Content

Duration : 49 minutes

Type : New live podcast in 21 Radio

About the film : In this live episode with James Maclane and James Marshall, you’ll learn from two of the most experienced men’s coaches in the world how to build the dating life you truly desire.


Duration : 51 minutes

Type : New course in Dating

About the film : James Maclane’s full length presentation from The 21 Convention of Tampa Florida titled The Top 7 Dating Skills for Men Over 25.


Duration : 59 minutes

Type : New episode in 21 Live

About the film : Two time alumni speaker and charisma coach Marcus Oakey joins Anthony Dream Johnson on 21 Live.


Duration : 92 minutes

Type : New course in Dating

About the film : Dj Fuji gives his second presentation at The 21 Convention of Orlando Florida, titled, “A Call to Action”.

New Features

PayPal = optional.

Formerly 21 University only supported payments made via PayPal. Plain and simple, if you wanted to join, you had to use PayPal. That’s changed now though with the addition of Stripe credit and debit card payments. So if you want to join 21 University with PayPal, no problem! We will continue to support payments made via PayPal for new and old members alike.

Now with Stripe payments though you can pay directly with a debit or credit card, no PayPal account required. For all current members interested in switching, we will soon be providing you the option to switch over to Stripe payments for your monthly 21 University due.

Bottom line, if you like PayPal, please keep on using it! But if you prefer to pay directly with a credit or debit card, now you can do that as well and skip the PayPal account requirement.

More secure and private than ever.

Previously on 21 University secure payments were protected exclusively by PayPal. Now with the addition of Stripe payments to 21 University, we have enabled HTTPS security site-wide. This means that every page you visit is more secure and private than ever. Not only is the entire payment process secure from beginning to end for new members, but so is every single page on 21 University that you visit, including this one!

We also went through a more rigorous validation process known as “Extended Validation (Advanced SSL)”, verifying our status as a legitimate business entity in the State of Florida and United States of America. You can read more about this security and privacy measure here from our certificate provider.

Adaptive streaming now available.

new streaming options

Similar to video-streaming giant Netflix – who to the surprise of many, has all of their video content hosted by Amazon – here at 21 University our videos are hosted by Vimeo, one of the largest video platforms in the world.

Formerly on 21 University, your streaming options were limited to “HD” and “not HD” as set by Vimeo. This usually represented a choice between 360p and 1080p or 720p, depending on the maximum quality of the video you were watching.

Vimeo has now upgraded how all of their videos stream, which includes all videos here on 21 University! What this means for you is seen in the picture above, more streaming options! Auto will be used by default and matches your video quality to your internet speed. Want better quality? Just click the HD button and select a higher resolution. The same applies if you want to force a lower quality stream of the video you want to watch, which will help lower your internet data use.


4K now available on select videos.


In 2016 we will continue to add select new videos through our monthly content updates in 4k ultra high definition quality. If your TV, laptop, monitor, or other device supports a resolution greater than 1920×1080, we recommend switching the video quality when available to 4K.

Be aware that this requires a faster internet speed and better device to stream properly, and will use more bandwidth with your internet service provider.

Check out our first 4k video here.

Coming Soon

  • New videos, new features, more content, more episodes of 21 Live!
  • An all new annual membership upgrade option for current members.
  • The completion of 21U Campus technical repairs.
  • 2016 live events information and announcements!

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