Mega May 2016 Content Update

Welcome to the Mega May 2016 Content Update! Our first content update of 2016, our second year online!

This content update includes new motion pictures from The 21 Convention, 21 Radio, The 21 Report, 21 Live, and a special bonus film provided by the Direct Dating Academy. Also included is an upcoming events section with live ticket links.

The new films feature the following speakers of The 21 Convention:

  • Dr. Eric Daniels Ph.D.
  • Dr. David Tian Ph.D.
  • Dr. Paul Jaminet Ph.D.
  • Don Watkins
  • Edward Druce
  • Socrates
  • Dodger Hshudo
  • Greg Swann
  • Sasha Daygame
  • Steve Mayeda
  • Rob Judge

New Content

Duration : 34 minutes

Type : New live podcast in 21 Radio

About the film : In this live episode with¬†Dr. Eric Daniels and Don Watkins, you’ll learn¬†about the¬†philosophy¬†of¬†becoming the ideal man.¬†


Duration : 140 minutes

Type : New live stream in Partner Exclusives

About the film : In this live webinar provided by the Direct Dating Academy, 21C alumni James Marshall and Sasha Dayagme go head to head discussing life, women, and relationships for over 2 hours!


Duration : 70 minutes

Type : New episode in 21 Live

About the film : In this live stream, David Tian PhD answers a variety of questions on dating, psychology, and self-improvement.


Duration : 64 minutes

Type : New episode in 21 Live

About the film : In this live stream, Sasha Daygame and Anthony Dream Johnson field live questions from 21 University students.


Duration : 41 minutes

Type : New live podcast in 21 Radio

About the film :¬†In this live episode with Ed Druce, you’ll learn¬†how to increase¬†the quality of the 5 people you spend the most time with and bring in mentors to your life¬†so you can shave years off your learning time in becoming the ideal man. ¬†


Duration : 66 minutes

Type : New course in Culture

About the film : In this presentation, Greg Swann breaks down the infamous DISC model of personality. You will learn where you fit within this model and how that can change your life.


Duration : 21 minutes

Type : New course in Culture

About the film :¬†In this presentation, you’ll learn from Socrates on the¬†role of purpose, motivation, momentum, focus, commitment and planning in building the¬†lifestyle you deserve.


Duration : 29 minutes

Type : New film in 21 Radio

About the film : In this podcast episode with Paul Jaminet, you’ll learn the strategies for diet, exercise and lifestyle that you can use to get in the best shape and health of your entire life.


Duration : 70 minutes

Type : New film in 21 Live

About the film : In this special joint-broadcast live stream, Sasha and Socrates discuss how to effectively communicate with women as a man.


Duration : 8 minutes

Type : New film in 21 Radio

About the film : Alumni speaker Greg Swann is interviewed at The 21 Convention in Tampa Florida on The 21 Report show.


Duration : 57 minutes

Type : New course in Dating

About the film : In this presentation, you’ll learn from Rob Judge¬†why effectively communicating with yourself is the key to communicating effectively with women.


Duration : 47 minutes

Type : New course in Dating

About the film : In this speech from 2010 in Orlando, Florida ­ Dodger Hshudo gives an honest look at the pickup community and how it impacts your relationships, both positively and negatively.


Tickets to The 21 Convention 2016 Coming Soon!

First ever event details and information are coming very soon for The 21 Convention 2016 main event Рthe biggest and baddest 21 Convention in all of history.

Stay tuned to the 21 University student newsletter and you’ll be the first to have pre-order access to this live event!

By pre-ordering your 2016 ticket to The 21 Convention main event you will get a FREE ticket to the Under 21 Convention 2016 of Orlando Florida + 1 free year of 21 University!

Tickets to the Under 21 Convention Now on Sale

In case you missed the announcement on our YouTube channel, limited quantity tickets are now on sale to the Under 21 Convention 2016 of Orlando Florida. This event is open and offered to men of all ages but is focused on young men Рjust as the original Under 21 Convention was in 2007/2008.

The tickets are intentionally made to be affordable for young men with a full price of $399. Currently there are 9 confirmed speakers, all alumni of The 21 Convention, seen right here on 21 University time and again, with more speakers coming soon.

Confirmed speakers currently include:

  • Anthony Dream Johnson – Founder of 21 University
  • Socrates – Relationship Author & Philosopher
  • Steve Mayeda – Founder of The Sexual Life
  • Nick Sparks – Legendary Dating & Relationship Coach
  • Sasha Daygame – Social Skills and Dating Coach
  • Drew Baye – Health/Fitness Coach and Author
  • Stephen ‘Bravo’ Grosch –¬†Firearms and Edged Weapons Instructor
  • David Tian Ph.D. –¬†Founder of Aura University
  • Marcus Oakey –¬†Your Charisma Coach

To learn more and get tickets now visit

Also see special videos from confirmed speakers below, including Socrates, Anthony Johnson, Sasha, and Steve Mayeda.

In these videos you will learn more about what each speaker has planned for the Under 21 Convention 2016 of Orlando Florida.


Get Tickets Now at

The #1 Reason to Attend a Live 21 Convention Event

The ultimate reason to attend any 21 Convention live event is simple: when you buy a ticket to one of our events, you are not simply buying a ticket or reserving your seat at the event, you are buying an opportunity to physically interact with, learn from, and shake hands with men who together, have over 100 years of experience that they can offer you.

This is something that is only possible live and in person. Videos from the events, even when tightly organized into a great platform like 21 University, simply do not provide this. The videos are only a compressed window into what the speakers have to offer. Live events are a DIRECT connection to the ENTIRE speaker lineup for that event, for an entire weekend!

The experience of attending The 21 Convention and Under 21 Convention LIVE is as one alumni attendee put it, unparalleled.

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