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Super Turbo Content Update

Welcome to this month’s super turbo content update! This update includes new motion pictures from The 21 Convention, the exclusive 21 University Live Stream, and The 21 Convention Podcast. These films feature the following speakers: Sasha Daygame (x2) Nick Sparks Dr. David Tian Ph.D. Robbie Kramer New Content Duration : 57 minutes Type : New Course in Dating About the film : Infamous direct dating coach Sasha Daygame takes the stage for his epic talk at The 21 Convention 2014. […]

Groovy Content Update

Welcome to this month’s groovy content update! This update includes new presentations and special films from The 21 Convention of Tampa Florida, The 21 Convention of London England, as well as the member exclusive 21 University Live-Stream. This update includes presentations and special videos from speakers Brent Smith, Sasha Daygame, and 21 Convention super-star Nick Sparks. Brand New Content Duration : 45 minutes Type : New Course in Dating About the video : Legendary dating coach Brent Smith takes the […]

Legendary Content Update

A truly legendary content update, featuring all new full length presentations from The 21 Convention of Tampa Florida, including speeches from both James Marshall and Robbie Kramer. Also included in this month’s update is the final edition of an in depth interview with James Steele Ph.D. This is part of an on-going documentary style interview series with our top speakers. But it doesn’t end there. To round out this April content update, we’ve included super-advance […]

Ultra Content Update

This is the final content update for March 2015. In this update we have over 4.5 hours of brand new content, including a new 2014 speech, a new 21U exclusive video live-stream, a new full length documentary, and an all new 21C podcast episode. Also included in this update are additional speeches from Steve Mayeda, Keith Norris, and Simon Whyatt. Finally, scroll to the bottom of this post to see a list of partner content expiring […]

Upcoming Content

A quick preview of awesome, all new content coming to 21 University throughout this year. Some background : we started filming The 21 Convention Podcast in 2014 remotely via Skype. Steve Mayeda is the regular host. However leading up to the Tampa 21 Convention this past year, I realized we had a great opportunity to film live podcasts, on the spot during and after the event, with dozens of speaker that flew in from around the […]

Super Content Update

This month on 21 University we have a LOT of new content to share, including the full lineup of presentations from The 21 Convention of Melbourne Australia, such as What Women Want by James Marshall, and Honesty as the Cornerstone of Attraction with Dr. David Tian Ph.D. Both of Matthew Hussey’s entrepreneurship presentations are also now available. And of course, if you are new to the university check out last month’s mega content update by […]

Mega Content Update

A 21 University student recently commented to me that while his experience with the university so far is great, he wished there was more content available. Totally understand the position. Fortunately, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to import and create new content on 21 University as fast as possible. We will continue to do so each and every month as new content is ready to release. During this time we will also continue […]