This Day and Age is a strange and dangerous time to be a man.

Identifying and Avoiding Toxic Women

...Is one early lesson from course instructor Richard Grannon. While he has a background in martial arts, it is his mental acuity that has drawn worldwide audiences to his teachings. This course however isn’t about karate chopping a knife-wielding ex… but it DOES go for the jugular…

With profound lessons about How to Evade Abusive Relationships… You’ll also learn How YOU Should Brand Yourself as a Man and When Is the Best Time to Start a Relationship

How to Be More Popular will work beyond women and assist for all future pursuits… and Grannon serves that up… as well as How to Get Women Addicted to YOU

He will engage YOUR mind in a mental workshop…taking you on a journey that goes unflinchingly beyond the core question of What It Means to be a Man to How A Real Man Should Live

Candid. Brutally honest. Raw. Intimate. Sometimes Graphic. It doesn’t pull punches.

It has one aim: To make YOU a better YOU

Defense Against Female Psychopaths is delivered in 9 video modules:


In Module 1 Richard covers -

  • What Makes YOU Masculine
  • What Women Find Attractive
  • How to Connect and Form Bonds 
  • How to Make YOURSELF Sexier
  • Breaking the Infantile You
  • Should You Set Boundaries
  • Reversing Toxicity
  • How to Challenge the Way YOU Think
  • The 4 Archetypes Women Find Attractive

Note: Richard is an outsider to the Red Pill community and manosphere – which gives him a distinctive, unique point of view. This isn’t the same old, repetitive stuff you’ve heard elsewhere.

“Are men and women equal? Nothing outside of mathematics and physics is equal. Nobody really wants equal.”

- Richard Grannon 

In Module 2 –

You’ll be given a front row seat inside a Richard Grannon Workshop. 

Richard helps people overcome trauma… particularly childhood trauma and abusive relationships, that would typically be defined as narcissistic or having borderline personality disorder. 

In 12 minutes, Richard shares with you a concept “that will make you SMARTER than 90% of psychotherapists and counsellors out there…”

As this section proceeds…

Richard teaches YOU how to understand the human mind…

As a neuro-linguistic programming Master Practitioner, Richard leads you deeper into traumatized thinking…

Which in turn will help YOU to EVADE and ESCAPE from TOXIC women and TOXIC relationships…

In Module 3 –

“Should a man hold more power in long term relationships?

Richard’s answer here will shock many. But his style is NO-HOLDS-BARRED

Richard also covers:

    • Cultural Bound Expectations
    • Stopping Emotional Flashbacks
    • Developing Emotional Literacy
    • Red Pill Philosophy/Red Pill Psychology
    • Equality and Chivalry
    • Fawning
    • Co-Dependency
    • Boundaries
    • How to Stop Your Own Compulsions
    • How Social Media Affects Us
    • Who We Should Study for Guidance
    • The Best Way to Have Sex
    • The Definition of a Narcissist
    • Real Differentials between a Sociopath and a Psychopath


In Module 4 –

    • Resilience
    • Mental Toughness
    • Self-Worth
    • The MAJOR Thing YOU Need to Say to Survive as a Man
    • Why YOU Don’t Want to be Co-Dependent
    • Why YOU Should Have a Mission
    • Why YOU Should Have a Purpose
    • How YOU Become Attractive
    • What YOU Need to Develop


How to Get What You Want

This MUST-WATCH course on The Defense Against Female Psychopaths is just over 

8 HOURS and 30 minutes of premium video content, speeches, and interviews with world class speakers and authors for men including Jack Donovan, George Bruno, Dr. Shawn T. Smith, and AJ Cortes.

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