Don’t Steal

This should go without saying, but if you’re caught stealing videos from 21 University you will be banned from 21 University and The 21 Convention for life. This is major copyright infringement and goes against the strong core values of the founder, Anthony Dream Johnson.

Be cool and play nice.

21 University is as impactful as we choose to make it. So if you decide to spread hate or blame around the university, you’re diminishing your own experience. Keep in mind that you are free to disagree and/or provide critical feedback, but please keep it respectful. Let’s be smart and grow together guys.

No Promotion.

We left out videos ads on 21 University so you can focus on your learning and growth with no distractions. But spam of any kind undermines this idea and distracts people from the essentials. So if you have a business or idea you want others to know about, participate in the community. Those who offer value – receive value.


The views expressed in the videos are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, 21 University as an organization, or The 21 Convention LLC, a subsidiary of 21 Studios LLC.

Affiliate Links

Throughout 21 University we have affiliate links to certain products or services from our speakers. When you purchase something through one of these affiliate links, we earn a percentage of the revenue, which further helps the company create great content and encourages the speaker to continue working with us.

Trial Memberships

You cannot use any trial offer more than once without permission from a 21U team member or other special promotion that clearly indicates it is okay to do so. If you are caught, you may be banned permanently from 21 University.