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Couldn't make it in person to The 21 Convention? We got you covered with an all access PPV ticket in full HD. Live-stream the entire 4 day convention + re-watch the recordings for 7 days after the event.

*View the official schedule here, subject to change.

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This is a live PPV ticket for The 21 Convention 2021 fifteen year anniversary special event. Pre-order price ends Oct. 20th at 11:59pm est. Better luck next time!

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This is a live PPV ticket for The 21 Convention 2021 fifteen year anniversary special event. All 4 days included + 7 day post event access.

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The Dream Team

AKA The Speakers

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Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO & Founder, 21 Studios

Coach Greg Adams

YouTuber and founder of the Free Agent Lifestyle

Jack Donovan

Author of The Way of Men and Fire in the Dark

Dr. Shawn T. Smith

Clinical psychologist and author of The Tactical Guide to Women

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Christian Reverend and founder of Rebuilding the Man

Alexander Cortes

Trainer, Writer, and Speaker

Pastor Michael Foster

Christian Pastor and founder of It's Good to be a Man

Jay Vincent

High Intensity Training Instructor

John Sonmez

YouTuber and founder of Bulldog Mindset

Will Spencer

Founder: The Renaissance of Men Podcast

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​​Stream on any of your devices, wherever you are. Including all modern web browsers at and the official 21 University app. Our free 21U app is available at the links below for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can also search "21 University" on your devices app store.

The Speakers


Arthur Kwon Lee

Korean American painter and artist

Steve Williams

Founder: The ManMindset

John Anthony

Infamous Pickup Artist

Alex PWF

Founder of the Playing with Fire YouTube channel

Ian Smith

Co-founder: Atilis Gym

Live PPV Ticket Details

This official PPV ticket offered by 21 University provides access to watch the full 21 Convention 2021 event.

(PPV access is not available for the separate Patriarch Convention or 22 Convention events at this time)

Full HD Quality

Watch in up to 1080p full HD quality.


Professional videography by the infamous 21 Studios.

Watch Recordings for 7 Days

This PPV ticket includes live access to watch The 21 Convention + 7 days to watch the PPV recordings after the show ends Oct. 24th.

Watch the Official 21 Summit Trailer

A trailer from 21 Summit 2020 featuring The 21 Convention, The 22 Convention, and The Patriarch Convention.

Bonus: The Red Man Group LIVE

Bonus access is included to watch The Red Man Group LIVE filming at The 21 Convention 2021 on day 3 and day 4 of the event.

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Jesse Lee Peterson

Reverend and Founder, Rebuilding the Man