The Psychology of Entrepreneurship 2.0

Matthew Hussey will teach you what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to get ahead. Check out this video to learn about his experiences and life lessons!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How money affects your life.
  • How to market your passion.
  • Why entrepreneurs are sellers.

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  1. Please this website really need someone to manage it properly I can not find this video in the wealth section of Independence however, it is available in the root folder the first version is available in Wealth section but not this one.

    1. Hey Abbas

      Thanks for pointing this out. This is one of the first videos we published on 21 University and it was not fully categorized into the wealth section, only the main course section of independence. The video has now been updated.

      – ADJ

  2. hell yeah! i loved the final question to finalize the speech. i am going into a new role and feel a lot more confident about learning it after hearing mat. i was taking copious notes about the ideal way of modeling someone. bravo.

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