The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

By Matthew Hussey

Entrepreneurship starts with you! Matthew Hussey explains layering tactics, risk taking, and harnessing your character. Taking action and opportunity will help you produce results as an entrepreneur.

In this video, you will learn:

  • Starting your idea is more important than having every detail of your idea planned out.
  • Diversifying your options is better than putting all your resources into one basket.
  • Why resilience builds your character.

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  1. Although I have only watched a few videos, this one stands out from the rest in terms of startup and entry to the world of Entrepreneurship. Matt has a very engaging personality and his honesty about the situations he has gone through, resonates with my past, and gives me specific advice to scenarios we will most limey encounter. So far, the best video I have watched and certainly worth the sign on fee!

    I’m about to start my adventure. Thank you Matt and the 21 University team.

  2. How come there are not many videos related to wealth on this site even as premium member I can not find more. These contents are even available to free users…

    1. Hey Abbas

      Wealth is a sub course in one of our smallest main course tracks, independence. While important, it has not been intensely focused on yet at The 21 Convention, in comparison to health, exercise, nutrition, dating, relationships, and so on. We will continue to invite wealth related speakers to The 21 Convention and grow this sub course on 21 University as time goes on.

      The lectures by Matthew Hussey on entrepreneurship are the only open and free courses available on 21 University.

      – ADJ

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