21 University is an important part of my vision, the vision of building a universe for the ideal man. This is a special universe of ideas, films, and events, designed to help the individual man flourish and actualize the highest vision of his own life.

The origin of 21 University is a live event called The 21 Convention. Where The 21 Convention is the beating heart of this universe, 21 University is the foundation upon which everything else rests.

At The 21 Convention our best videos are created in a flurry of speeches and presentations. In between speeches, the human experience unfolds. Intimate dialogue take place among attendees and hand-picked speakers. It’s no exaggeration to say that these events are absolutely magical for the men and women who attend.

By their very nature these events are short lived however, which is where 21 University comes in, providing a depth and degree of permanence. By unifying our videos to a central, uncompromised platform, we can provide much of that fundamental experience to you, every day of the year, from anywhere in the world.

Before 21 University, films from The 21 Convention were experienced in isolation. This is unfair to the original presentations and ideas themselves, originally given in a larger context, and on a physical platform shared by other speakers, with completely different ideas.

21 University is in effect the digital stage to the physical stage of The 21 Convention. This physical platform empowers our speakers to give the best speeches of their lives. 21 University as a digital platform carries that torch forward to the internet and your personal life, beyond the conference room.

21 University serves another important purpose: it gives you an on-going opportunity to buy a premium experience of our content, and contribute to the future of The 21 Convention. By having a membership to 21 University you are furthering your values and convictions about the world; about how it could be, and ought to be, starting with your self.

You may have come looking for specific advice in the arenas of health, dating, and relationships. But what you will find is a fundamental consistency and focus across major areas of human life, that will change your’s forever.

Thank you for joining, enjoy the university.

Anthony Dream Johnson
July 2015